Marianne Khalat denies being a devil worshipper

Published March 16th, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

The latest rumors of Lebanese TV announcer Marianne Khalat's involvement with the devil worshipper's cult and her arrest have all turned out to be mere lies by the media as an excuse for her disappearance from the scenes. Rumors also had it that Marianne had committed suicide as a means of sacrifice. 


According to the London based Elaph, upon Marianne's return from Dubai, where she was filming a special event for LBC, she appeared on the LBC show "Kalam El Nass" (People Talk/Gossip) and announced that she belongs to no such cult and she was never arrested or had committed suicide. 


Marianne expressed her anger at the rumors saying they were created by sick minded individuals attempting to ruin her reputation. She added that her reputation is the number one priority in her life and that she will not allow anyone to diminish it by ridiculous lies. 


Rumors had it that amidst the vast spread of the loathsome and fanatic faith of devil worshipping among Lebanese many people have been arrested on charges of devil worship over the past several months. It was said that a large number among those who were arrested are well-known artists like Lebanese TV announcer Marianne Khlat and Lebanese singer Yuri Mrakadi.  


Close contacts to Marianne have denied all rumors saying the announcer was in Dubai shooting scenes for a special event that is to be aired on LBC. Yuri and Marianne will be working together on a new play, which marks a first time experience for the two. – 

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