Maya Diab selling peanuts on the streets

Published May 2nd, 2012 - 05:22 GMT
Maya Diab selling peanuts
Maya Diab selling peanuts

Lebanese singer Maya Diab posted a photograph of her selling peanuts on a hand pushed cart on her official page on the social network Facebook. Maya wrote that the photograph was taken in Dubai and is part of a photo shoot for one of the companies she is filming commercials for.


Maya’s fans were very impressed with the photo and expressed their admirations through comments made on the singer’s Facebook page saying that as usual she looks great.


On a different note, recently, Maya took part of a campaign organized by the “Kun Hadi’an” (Be Calm) Association that strives in brining awareness to youth about safe driving attitudes.


According to the internet website, Maya sent out a message to all youth during a special event hosted by the association saying, ‘Please do not drink and drive, because doing so will lead to tragic outcomes’.


Maya announced that she is currently filming a new video for the association that aims at safe driving methods.


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