Meet Folk-Pop Artist Holly Lovelady in Her Interview with Albawaba!

Published June 9th, 2021 - 07:41 GMT
''Oreanne'' is Holly's favorite song she has ever done. 
''Oreanne'' is Holly's favorite song she has ever done. 
''Oreanne'' is inspired by a real tragic love story

by Alexandra Abumuhor

Holly Lovelady, a British Folk-Pop artist continues her personal musical journey, charged with deep emotions, gentle melodies, and poetic lyrics. She is determined to empower women to be comfortable and daring in difficult relationships.

The 21-year-old released her latest song ''Oreanne'' inspired by a real tragic love story about "leaving the girl with a broken heart and dealing with the loss."

Lovelady wants to inspire the young generation to grow stronger and believe in themselves. ''My aim is to deliver beautiful sounds and stories to everybody. I would love to inspire younger generations to make music and be themselves.'' Lovelady said.

The Singer revealed that music is her life and that she can't imagine doing anything else in life, thus it is a full-time career for her! 

In Holly's interview with Albawaba entertainment, she opens up about her inspiration, plans, and obstacles she went through. 

The 'Oreanne' singer revealed that she has always wanted to be a recording artist from a very young age, and got her inspiration to pursue music from her grandfather who according to the singer has 'an incredible voice'.

The songwriter went on to share what inspires her to write her own music, "All my songs are personal! Either I write about something that has happened to me or something that has happened to a family member or a friend. Hahah nobody’s story is safe with me !!'' 

Stars like 'Adele' 'Birdy' had a huge influence on Holly's music, but the band Fleetwood Mac is what inspired her to grow her career, ''Their music and their story is just incredible. And again my grandad inspired me every day! He passed away on the 2nd March 2021 so now more than ever I have so much determination to pursue my musical career.'' Lovelady explained. 

The COVID-19 pandemic may have had a huge negative impact on many people, but not on Holly, as the 'A Spaceman Came Travelling' singer invested the time to grow her audience and slightly change her music style.

''I think! I've had time to slightly change my music style and totally give my 100% to it. Over lockdown, I've been able to make more music and post more videos and that's helped me grow my audience so that's positive!'', Lovelady stated.

Lovelady continued to explain more about emotions portrayed in her songs, and the mental effect music has on her, '' Naturally, the way I feel helps me to channel my emotions across in the song. Sometimes in our life, we all feel very low and sad so using that in my music is an outlet and it makes me feel much better.''

''Every day I’m trying to escape reality in my music or in someone else’s music. It's also a great doorway into your imagination and that helps with songwriting.'' she continued. 

Like any other artist, Holly has faced obstacles when growing her career, those obstacles were her dealing with unsupportive groups of people. ''I wasn’t really prepared in the beginning for some people in my friendship groups to be unsupportive and that really knocked me.'' she explained.

''As I've grown as an artist I've come to realise that it isn’t really friends who have truly supported my journey, it's the people I don’t know. I just don’t take it personal anymore and I’m not in touch with those particular friends haha.'' the singer continued.

Holly Lovelady's next performance is called 42 Degrees up near Penrith in the Lake district, this performance will be the singer's first proper music festival, she also shared that she would love to perform in the Middle East, ''I would LOVE to perform in the middle east! I think one day I will if you all hopefully like my music ( fingers crossed)''


We asked  Holly what advice would she give herself if we go back in time  ''Not to be a stick in the mud! if something isn’t working don’t keep hoping it will change for the better just move on. Don’t waste time!'' she answered 

She went on to describe what it felt like the first time she ever performed in front of an audience,  ''Pure anxiety and excitement at the same time!  Just a mad rush and I loved it!' she said.

''Oreanne'' is Holly's favorite song she has ever done. 

''It's the first song I've made with my new producer Bob Mackenzie and it's the first song I've ever been completely happy with! Also, the story behind Oreanne is a special one,'' she explained. 

Holly eventually shared that she would love to collaborate with 'Let Me Down Slowly' artist Alec Benjamin, as she believes their voices would go lovely together and have similar writing styles. she would also love to collaborate with American singer-songwriter Stevie Nicks.


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