Miley Cyrus Reveals a Promise She Made to Janice Freeman Before Her Passing

Published March 6th, 2019 - 11:00 GMT
Freeman tragically died from a blood clot (Source:mileycyrus / Instagram )
Freeman tragically died from a blood clot (Source:mileycyrus / Instagram )

Miley Cyrus has revealed the promise she made to Janice Freeman before she tragically died from a blood clot. 

The songstress took to Twitter on Tuesday to pay tribute to The Voice contestant, who she mentored in 2017, after Janice passed away on Saturday at age 33 from a severe case of pneumonia and blood clot.

Miley, 26, shared with fans she had promised to look after Janice's 'precious little girl' Hannah, 12, and 'shine light' on her husband Dion and her mother.

In the moving tribute, she wrote: 'To hug you one more time @janice_freeman.... I made a promise to you here on earth and will keep that promise as you watch from heaven. 

'To take care of your precious little girl, my baby sister. To shine light on your husband and mother when days are dark! I love you.'

The Malibu hitmaker, who was the star's mentor on The Voice, shared a video of Janice's journey on the show and their close bond.   

Miley, 26, shared with fans she had promised to look after Janice's 'precious little girl' Hannah 12 and 'shine light' on her husband Dion and her mother


Freeman's family told TMZ that the singer was at home in Pasadena, California, on Saturday when she began complaining that she couldn't breathe.

Her husband Dion called 911 and performed CPR on her until paramedics arrived. She was brought to the hospital and pronounced dead at around 5.30pm local time.

Doctors determined that a blood clot had travelled to her heart.

Freeman had struggled with a number of health issues including lupus, meningitis and cervical cancer, which she'd beaten.

The performer made it to the top 11 on season 13 of The Voice under the mentorship of Miley Cyrus.  

Cyrus sobbed as Freeman was voted off the show in November 2017.

'If anybody deserves to stick around in this competition it is you,' Cyrus said at the time. 'You are a fighter, you are a warrior, you are a role model and, more than any of that, you are The Voice, I am in complete shock, I love you so much.' 

The mentor and mentee stayed in contact after the show, and Freeman had publicly thanked Cyrus for covering six months of her rent last year.   

In January of 2018, Freeman explained on her Instagram story how Cyrus had covered six months' worth of rent for her. 

'Miley, you are my dawg, like, my best friend, and I will defend you to the bitter end,' Freeman said on her Instagram story in January 2018. 

'This woman blessed me to be able to move in. Do you understand? What she don't know is, I've been praying for her.

'I'm so overwhelmed. I need y'all to understand that it is time to go into 2018 believing God for real... Y'all don’t understand that you see these people on TV. You see things happening and all of that. But you don't understand that these people are real. And her heart is so huge. And she allows God to use her to bless my life.'

Cyrus reacted to news of Freeman's death on her Instagram story, posting a photo of a rainbow with the caption: 'Thank you @janicefreeman ... for everything. This represents you perfectly.' 



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