Myriam Klink ARRESTED! (Video)

Published August 19th, 2018 - 11:32 GMT
Klink was arrested for resisting her car's detention (myriamklinkk - Instagram)
Klink was arrested for resisting her car's detention (myriamklinkk - Instagram)

Written by Zaid Bawab

Lebanese Media outlets announced that controversial media personality and Model Myriam Klink was set free after being arrested for a short period of time last Thursday.


Social media buzzed with a video that documted a clash between the police and Klink while her car was in detention because of its illegal car plate (that had "Klinkistan" written on it).

Klink went back to her house after getting her car back from detention after paying a fine for breaking the law.

It was also reported that one of the reasons why Klink was arrested is her resistance of her car's detention before it was released just before midnight.

Klink broke down crying after security forces ordered a crane to lift her car up, and she got in the car refusing to leave it based on the videos that were highly shared on social media.


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