Nawal al Zughbi Looses Case Against Diana Haddad

Published January 9th, 2002 - 02:00 GMT

The chief judge in Beirut, Hatem Madi, Monday decided to throw out the defamation case filed by Lebanese singer Nawal al Zughbi against Lebanese singer Diana Haddad and her husband, Suhail Abdool, according to the London based Arabic daily Al Sharq Al Awsat. 

The case was also against an executive and a female journalist working for an art magazine. 

The ruling issued by the judge and based on clauses 122 and 126 of the Lebanese peal code obliged the plaintiff Zughbi with all the case fees and expenses in addition to documenting the case papers. 

The ruling stated, “as the moral element in defamation crimes is characterized with the specificity of damages, the concept of honor, respect or dignity varies from one society to another and from one person to another. This depends on the person’s position and social, political or art status. Therefore criticizing the fame of a professional or a talent or a political, religious or social opinion is not considered defamation.” 

In view of this “the court considers that the statement stated by Haddad that Zughbi’s singing is out of tune is not classified as defamation of the claimant because it does not have any impact on her basic artistic position but is rather linked with her performance. The claim that the plaintiff is a singer or performer is a flexible classification that conforms to personal standards.” --  

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