Netflix Exclusive Interview With Cheerful Rakeen Saad Who Plays 'Noaf' in 'Al-Rawabi School for Girls'

Published August 24th, 2021 - 10:52 GMT
Netflix Exclusive Interview With Cheerful Rakeen Saad Who Plays 'Noaf' in 'Al-Rawabi School for Girls'

'I can wiggle my ears'. This is how Jordanian actress Rakeen Saad, 31, kicked off her interview with Netflix MENA.

Rakeen played the role of 'Noaf', the new girl who joins Al-Rawabi School for Girls and comes with a lot of baggage and mysterious past.

Unlike Noaf, Rakeen Saad is a cheerful personality that has a goofy side.

Let us know more about Rakeen Saad in her exclusive interview with Netflix MENA, titled:

An Unflitered Interview With Rakeen Saad From Al-Rawabi School for Girls

Netflix: What's the difference between you and Noaf?

Rakeen: There's a lot of difference between me and Noaf. First of all I'm in a place and Noaf is in a whole other one. Noaf is a teenager and she's still young and trying to find herself. Noaf is an introvert, but I'm more 'cartoonic' and bubbly.

Netflix: What's the strangest hobby you've ever done?

Rakeen: I play Backgammon, and I get very excited and competitive. I get angry and I go crazy if I don't win.


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Netflix: What is the dish that you never get bored of?

Rakeen: The dish that I never get bored of is stuffed baby zucchini and vine leaves. I would keep eating it for the rest of my life.

Netflix: What's the strangest thing that happened with you while filming the show?

Rakeen: The first time I saw myself as Noaf. After I cut my hair and put on the character's clothes, I felt that I wasn't being myself and I was like 'what's going on? Who is this?!' Then I was like, oh yeah that's Noaf.

Netflix: What's the funniest thing that happened while filming Al-Rawabi?

Rakeen: It was when I was shooting the running scene in the street, because I was wearing platform boots and sporting so many things, I was so tired and Tima (the director) was giving me orders and cheering me, especially since I'm not an athletic person despite being thin.

Netflix: What's you're favorite song?

Rakeen: El-Helo El-Helo for Mariam Saleh.

Netflix: What is your worst habit?

Rakeen: My worst habits are overthinking, anxiety, I'm a bit angry, my personality is a bit awkward.

Netflix: Who is your source of inspiration?

Rakeen: My father. He's been my inspiration since a long time.

Netlfix: Who is the most playful actress who wastes time?

Rakeen: Andria Tayeh. Between takes she always plays games on her phone, even when they call her to shoot a scene she keeps on playing.

Netflix: Who has become your bff from Al-Rawabi?

Rakeen: Noor, Andria and Yara. My relationship with them is like I'm their big sister, their mother, or a like a mentor. I'm like someone who gives them answers to their questions, this sort of relationship. As for Joanna and Salsabiela, we're more like 'hey dudes', we're like buddies. In general, all of us have become like a little family.

Netflix: What's the thing that you miss the most from school?

Rakeen: The most thing I miss the most is the chips sandwich. I used to stuff the baguette with chips, lettuce and mayonnaise.

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