Director Tima Shomali Opens Up About the Controversy Surrounding 'Al-Rawabi School for Girls'

Published August 22nd, 2021 - 09:58 GMT
Director Tima Shomali Opens Up About the Controversy Surrounding 'Al-Rawabi School for Girls'

Director of Netflix limited series 'Al-Rawabi School for Girls', Tima Shomali, has commented on the controversy surrounding the series, stressing that "people have different tastes", and that she is happy about the controversy taking place in the Jordanian and Arab streets after the series made a debut.

Tima Shomali said in an interview via Amman TV: 'I am very happy that the series has created a dialogue, and for me this one of the most important indicators of success, if the series did not create this dialogue, then it wouldn't have created an effect, and the idea of the series is that we want to make an influence.'

Shomali confirmed that the world of girls is a mystery to the public, and she wanted to present an in-depth look at girls world, adding that the term “bullying” is very new to the world, but the phenomenon has been around for a long time.

Tima commented: 'In our days, this term was not used, and we did not know what bullying meant, but we lived through it and did not know about it.'

The director and co-writer of 'Al-Rawabi School for Girls' indicated that she tried to break the stereotype of the idea of psychotherapy when she portrayed actress Andria Tayeh, who plays Mariam 'the bullied', being treated by a psychiatrist after she was beaten by girls.

Tima explained that when she wrote the series, Netflix was not on her mind to broadcast it, but that the global streaming platform loved the show and translated it to several languages: 'A show from Jordan to the world.'

'Al-Rawabi School for Girls' raises several issues, including bullying in schools, injustice, and its consequences on the victim, through the story of the student 'Mariam', at Al-Rawabi School, and being exposed to injustice and bullying by the "gang" of popular students, so Mariam decides to take revenge.

Director Tima Shomali had left the ending open, without knowing exactly how Mariam was able to avenge what happened to her, and who was the victim of these vengeful actions.

The mini-series is translated into more than 32 languages in 190 countries around the world, starring: Rakeen Saad, Andria Tayeh, Noor Taher, Joanna Arida, Salsabila, and Yara Mustafa, in partnership with artists Nadera Omran, Reem Saadeh, Akef Najm and Suhair Fahd.

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