No Eid for Her This Year! Dr. Khaloud Tests Positive for Coronavirus (Video)

Published May 6th, 2021 - 08:13 GMT
No Eid for Her This Year! Dr. Khaloud Tests Positive for Coronavirus (Video)

Yesterday, Kuwaiti fashionista Dr. Kholoud has announced that she has been infected with Coronavirus, as she made the announcement through publishing a series of videos on Snapchat.

Dr. Khuloud said: "I just got out from Agila Covid-19 center, the same center I work at to treat and follow-up with Coronavirus patients, but this time I am the patient, so I was shocked,"

The fashionista then wished the symptoms to be mild, adding that she only two symptoms she suffers from are coughing and strong headache, and she treats that with Panadol pills, explaining that it is caused by lack of iron.

Dr. Kholoud told her followers that she did not take the swab because she suspected being infected, but she did it because she was preparing to undergo another surgery, and she did not expect the result to come out as poisitive.

After the confirmation of her infection, Dr. Kholoud said that this is going to be the last time she sees the street as she will quarantine herself for 9 days until the second day of Eid.

The Kuwaiti beauty added that her surgery is postponed until she's healed from the virus, then she shared some of the messages sent by her followers praying and wishing for her to get well soon.

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