Ola Ghanem’s rape scene cut by Egyptian Censors

Published July 1st, 2012 - 08:26 GMT
Ola wants the rape scene to be included but the censors say no
Ola wants the rape scene to be included but the censors say no

 The Egyptian Censorship Committee has refused to give approval to the rape scene of Egyptian actress  Ola Ghanem in the new television drama “Ibn Al Mawt” (Son of Death), which is scheduled to be aired during the coming Ramadan season.

Sources within the committee revealed that a conflict took place between the makers of the drama and the censorship members after head of the Censorship Committee Sayed Khatab ordered for the deletion of the rape scene.  The perceived violations by the committee are with the  scene showing Ola being sexually assaulted by a group of men while wearing inappropriate cloths.

Ola was outraged over the decision of the committee especially since the scene was the toughest and most arduous  to film in entire drama.

The drama also stars actors Mohamed Najati, Ahmed Al Saedani, Intisar, Mina Fadali and Mohamed Lutfi. The story and script of the drama is written by Majdi Saber and directed by Samir Saif.


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