Omar Bashir's Latin Oud

Published September 26th, 2007 - 10:50 GMT

“Latin Oud” is a tribute to Arab and Latin culture, their people and artists.  Their voices will be with us forever with this fresh new remix of timeless classical OUD songs.


Omar is a rising star in the world of Arabic music and already has an extensive resume of live performances in Europe and the Middle East.


The OUD is at its best on this album, featuring a beautiful musical dialogue in an extremely innovative approach, creating an ecstatic sound!


In one sentence: Omar Bashir is an ambassador of Arabic music heritage

Track listing is as follows:

Song - Time - Composer

1.  Bint Al Chalabia 5:41 Lebanese Folklore
2.  Dharon 7:23 Crispy Kings
3.  Fantasy 14:51 Omar Bashir
4.  Longa 4:46 Turkish Folklore
5.  To My Mother 6:54 Omar Bashir
6.  Granada 10:06 Omar Bashir / Mounir Bashir
7.  Irak 4:32 Iraki Folklore
8.  Layal 11:54 Omar Bashir / Turkish Folklore

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