One order of fries for the lady, please! Menna Shalabi too skinny for her fans' liking!

Published March 18th, 2015 - 09:00 GMT

Diet, diet, diet. That's what every good celebrity does in Hollywood, and Arab stars are no exception!

Somaya al Khashab is the most notable Arab starlet for her fluctuating weight-loss, but now fans are concerned about Egyptian actress Menna Shalabi for looking "much thinner than usual."

Menna has never really been "big" or chubby, but judging by the latest picture she posted on Instagram from the Luxor Film Festival, one must admit that she is looking more frail than her usual healthy self.

According to El Fagr news, some claimed that Menna is following a very strict diet that's causing the weigh loss, while others were convinced that she's on medication for treating an illness that's making her shed all those pounds.

But maybe - more realistically - it has something to do with her hectic filming schedule? Menna is currently super busy shooting a TV series entitled "Haret Al Yahood" (Jewish Neighborhood), that's set to air in Ramadan 2015.

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