Paris Hilton Reveals She Doesn't Want to Fall in Love

Published March 3rd, 2019 - 07:27 GMT
Paris isn't worried about finding a man  (Source : Parishilton / Instagram )
Paris isn't worried about finding a man (Source : Parishilton / Instagram )

She was recently seen getting flirty with rapper Machine Gun Kelly at a party in LA.

But Paris Hilton said she doesn't 'have time for love' right now during a chat with The Mirror.

The 38-year-old television personality and DJ, who broke off her engagement to actor Chris Zylka in November, said: 'I don't have time for love right now. I hardly have time for myself.'

She continued, saying: 'I am constantly travelling over 250 days a year, never home hardly, just focusing on myself, my business and my friends.'

But Paris isn't worried about finding a man when the time comes, as she says there's 'always' guys for her to choose from, and insists her ideal man would be someone 'loyal' whom she can trust.

The blonde beauty added: 'There is always a lot of guys everywhere, always. When I am ready, the most ¬important thing is loyalty, someone who is your best friend and who you can trust and who loves you for you.

'When you know you know. But I don't know yet.'

Her comments come after it was claimed in January that Leftovers star Chris was 'still deeply in love' with his former fiancée.

An insider told 'He is still deeply in love with Paris and really would love nothing more than to have her back. He tells friends she is the love of his life.'

Back in late February the Simple Life star made a connection with Machine Gun Kelly at the Tings Magazine launch party in Los Angeles, which she described as a 'lit night.'

An attendee told US Weekly that they met for the first time at the party, and that sparks were flying early on.

'They met at the event and it was a small group of people, but there was instant chemistry between the two of them,' the insider says.

Paris and Kelly: Paris Hilton and Machine Gun Kelly met at the Tings Magazine launch party on last month where they had 'instant chemistry'


'They were talking almost the whole night and all smiles and he seemed into her,' the insider continued. 

'He has a presence to him and a small group including the two of them went out afterwards.' 

Chris was believed to have been spotted on a date with a mystery woman earlier this year, but sources insisted she was just a friend, and said Chris' heart was solely with Paris.

They added: 'He was not on a date. He was having lunch with one of his guy friends and his girlfriend, but the photographer only got those two in the picture.'


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