'Path to Death': Sky News Arabia to broadcast documentary on young Europeans joining ISIS

Published October 26th, 2015 - 08:03 GMT
Some of the London schoolgirls who fled their country to join ISIS. (APCO Worldwide)
Some of the London schoolgirls who fled their country to join ISIS. (APCO Worldwide)

As part of its new investigative documentary series, Sky News Arabia is set to broadcast ‘Path to Death’, on Wednesday, October 28, 2015 at 10:05pm.

Filmed under cover, the documentary narrates the journey of death undertaken by many young Europeans leaving behind their families, friends, and entire lives to join the terror group ISIS in Syria and Iraq. The documentary also examines the reasons why many of these youths forego a promising future to join an organization known for its horrific crimes against humanity.

Throughout the documentary, Sky News Arabia’s camera journeys across European cities including London, Paris, Madrid, & Istanbul, where it investigates the nature of propaganda ISIS uses to brainwash and attract young Westerners from all walks of life. It also uncovers little-known facts and secrets within these cities, and exposes micro-groups supporting ISIS who are working to recruit young men and women into the terrorist organization’s ranks.

To collate insights from a number of people impacted by this lurking terror threat, the Sky News Arabia team meets with the families of some of the young ISIS recruits, in order to understand what is driving them to give up their European way of life and engage in a life of killing and brutality. Sky News Arabia also presents opinions from a cross-section of society in these cities, revealing outrage and disgust towards the terror organization and its agenda.

The documentary also highlights the problem of smugglers and human traffickers, who play a major role in the surge of ISIS-related activities in Turkey, and are mainly active in cities near the Syrian border. It reveals how those smugglers exploit the needs of vulnerable people and lure them into illegal groups, also smuggling arms and ammunition to the extremists. Furthermore, the documentary shows the efforts of security and intelligence agencies in dealing with such crimes.

This film is the fifth documentary of Sky News Arabia’s investigative series which is broadcast monthly. The series, launched earlier this year, aims to investigate the truth behind major events in the Arab region and shed light on their political, social and economic impacts.

The series commenced with the film ‘Uncovering Secrets - Marriage in the Time of War’, which bought to the screen narratives of suffering Syrian women refugees.

The second documentary, ‘Boats of Death...Dream of Immigration, Nightmare of Smuggling’, focused on the stories of a Lebanese group that attempted to immigrate to Australia by sea in September 2013 only to be met with disaster.

The third documentary, ‘Citizen, Imam and Sultan’ traced the development of the historical institution of (Al-Azhar) over the past 10 centuries, from its humble beginnings as a mere mosque to the current extensive religious and academic institution that has become today as well as its contribution to the spread of the message of open, tolerant and moderate Islam.

The fourth documentary, ‘Road to Rabia'a’, recalled the sit-in organized by the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood in Rabia'a square in Egypt, ended forcefully after the leaders of the Brotherhood refused to reach a settlement with the temporary government.

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