People Believe Rami Malek's ' Im a Fan' Video Gives Serial Killer Vibes

Published March 3rd, 2019 - 11:45 GMT
This all started with a promotional video released in January (Source: Mandarin Oriental /Youtube)
This all started with a promotional video released in January (Source: Mandarin Oriental /Youtube)

Fresh off his Best Actor Oscar for Bohemian Rhapsody, Rami Malek is now making waves for his meme-worthy performance in a viral video.

This all started with his 'I'm a fan' promotional video for Mandarin Oriental Hotels that was released in January.

Dressed in a purple suit, the 37-year old listed off a number of things he is a fan of in a somewhat distracted and odd delivery--  that has sparked slews of jokes, ridicule and even comparisons to a serial killer.

Looking straight into the camera on a seemingly sunny day, Malek began the video by proclaiming: 'I'm a fan of Freddie Mercury and Queen. I'm a fan of my mom, she's got my back.' 

But after each of the first two proclamations, he appeared to quickly glance to his left and roll his tongue in his mouth.

Then when he continued with, 'I'm a fan of chamomile tea' and 'I'm a fan of handwritten letters,' his eyes wondered left-to-right, like he was looking at a cue card, or searching for the next thing to say.

In his own eccentric way, he continued on while adding inflections in his delivery for each of the last sentences as he continued to subtly look around his surroundings.

'I'm a fan of classic movies. I'm a fan of looking sharp regardless of the occasion. I'm a fan of random encounters. I'm a fan of traveling by train. I'm a fan of equal opportunities for all. I'm a fan of mischief. I'm a fan of being exactly who I want to be.'

He ended with: 'I'm a fan of Mandarin Oriental,' which was a final shout-out to the luxury hotel chain.

Apparently, the internet found something compelling about Malek's video and the memes started rolling in.  

One person shared a headline: 'Rami Malek gives off serial killer vibes in deeply unsettling video.'

Keeping with the creepy theme another user wrote: 'this could be used as rami malek's audition tape for a psycho reboot' and another commented, 'I'm never going to look at Rami Malek the same again.' 

Some people were more light-hearted and joked: 'I can see the next Joker here,' in reference to his purple suit, and 'Why does Rami Malek look like smiling hurts him?'

Mandarin Orange Hotels have used other celebrities in similar promotions that includes Stanley Tucci, Chjristopher Waltz, Chen Man, Dev Patel and Isabelle Huppert.



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