With a little help from his friends, Ragheb produces a great new song

Published November 30th, 2012 - 12:01 GMT
Looking good: Ragheb Alama
Looking good: Ragheb Alama

Lebanese superstar Ragheb Alama has expressed how happy he is with al the positive feedback from his loyal fans for his new music video.


“Mabahazarsh” (I’m not Kidding), was filmed in Turkey and Ragheb has said that he is honoured by the success, which was premiered on video-sharing website YouTube, before being available to satellite channel across the region.


The stunning video for the heartthrob was set on the Black Sea in Turkey, and was ever for the Lebanese lovely, a team effort. Murad Qajaq directed it, the song was written Naser Al Jeel, with help from Mahmoud Al Khayami and Mohammad Mustafa.

Lets just hope all those who helped get a special mention in any acceptance speeches for awards tong may pick up!


Tell us what you think! What do you think of the song? Will it win any awards? What about the video- does out Lebanese lovely look as good as ever?

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