Ragheb Alama urges Lebanon to wake-up

Published May 8th, 2012 - 12:10 GMT
Ragheb Alama takes a stand for Lebanon
Ragheb Alama takes a stand for Lebanon

Ragheb Alama joins the wake-up call to Lebanon. The popular singer demonstrates his social activism and patriotic spirit by protesting in Lebanon's best interests. His turn-out formed the only Lebanese celebrity presence at the rally.

In a demonstration called for by the critically acclaimed Lebanese TV presenter Mona Abou Hamze through social media sites to protest against the current worsening situation in her country,  just one celebrity heeded her call to action.

Her compatriot Ragheb Alama was the only Lebanese star to contribute to this patriotic campaign, that appealed to the Lebanese nation-wide to join. Other attendees came in the form of media figures and Lebanese high profile personalities.

When asked by one of the newspapers about Ragheb being the only artist to show up, Hamze answered: ”Ragheb is a human first before he is  an important artist. It is really vital that enough media figures from across the networks  showed up, and as for Ragheb, he is here because he has more social awareness than his peers. He is well informed and has a vision”.

On the other hand, Ragheb Alameh, has recently announced on his personal Twitter account that he had a meeting with the PR and Production Manager at MBC, Nadine Tarabay, to discuss the second season of “Arab Idol” in which he is set  to preside as the main judge.



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