Sneak peak into Ramadan 2013!

Published January 8th, 2013 - 08:12 GMT
Mustafa Shabaan
Mustafa Shabaan

After their success last year, the trio of Egyptian luvvies behind 'Al Zawjah al Rabiah' (The Fourth Wife), are set for another hit TV drama in Ramadan 2013.

Actor Mustafa Shabaan, writer Ahmad Abdel Fatah and director Majdi al Huwari are set on making their next big thing a look at the lighter side of life, given all the depressing news round the region in 2012.

The Egyptian threesome are preparing to make a social comedy called 'Mazaj al Khair' (Good Mood) and they are setting all other projects aside to focus on getting the drama ready in time.

Director, Majdi al Huwari, hasn't yet finalized his cast but big names are a sure thing for this early Ramadan hit. 


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