OMG, when will it ever end? Rania’s ex locked up again

Published May 2nd, 2013 - 11:58 GMT
There's no hugs between them now!
There's no hugs between them now!

OMG, when will it ever end? We were hoping three strikes you’re out would be enough, but Egyptian police have for the fourth time arrested Karim Al Shabrai, ex-husband of Egyptian actress Rania Yousif. Karim  was found guilty on several accounts, including writing hot checks again. Dude, learn your lesson already!

Revenge is sweet for Rania. According to the Middle East news portal Elaph, the starlet said that she learned about Karim's arrest from some friends and lawyers. After he repeatedly attempted to ruin her image in the press after they separated, he’s getting what was coming to him.

Rania is totes confident in the Egyptian judicial system, and Karim will get what he deserves.

Rania isn’t letting her ex’s probs with the cops affect her career. She is currently filming the scenes for the new TV dramas "Mawjah Harah" (Heat Front) and "Niran Sadiqa" (Friendly Fire), and has dedicated all her time to finishing them in time for the Ramadan marathon.

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