Rania Youssef dreads Egypt's 'Islamic Caliphate'

Published June 4th, 2012 - 10:27 GMT

As the show must go on in Egypt's world of cinema and entertainment, so too does Egypt's election drama still unfold. Actress Rania Youssef reminded us how the two worlds keep coinciding lately when she revealed her support for Ahmed Shafiq in the second round of elections scheduled for June 15th 2012.

Rania told MBC that having an Islamist opponent up against Shafiq left her with little choice but to vote for the ex Prime Minister.

She went on: "the other candidate belongs to The Muslim Brotherhood -  to whom definitely I won’t give my vote. This decision does not mean that I hate The Muslim Brotherhood, but it's more the fact that I want Egypt to keep its secular identity which has been there for a while”.


She continued to sensitively explain her anti-Brother stance: "If Mohammad Mursi won the election, then of course, I would respect the people’s choice. But I would not be thrilled by the inevitability and reality that Egypt would be transferred into an Islamic Caliphate”.

Otherwise, for Rania Youssef, it's business as usual, shooting the remaining scenes of her series “Al Khotoot Al Hamra’ (Red Lines) in which she stars alongside Ahmed Al Sakka. Rania portrays the character of a Sa'idi girl called “Hishmat” who faces many obstacles in her life but manages to deal with them admirably.

Rania is also preparing to start shooting her scenes for the upcoming movie “Wasat Al Balad” or ”Downtown” in the next few weeks. The movie stars Elham Shahin and Abir Sabri and is written and directed by Mohammad Abu Saif.


Say what you think below: is Rania Youssef jumping the gun or encouraging the gloom-forecasting by anticipating Egypt's Islamic future?


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