'Racist!' Saudi Actor Fayez Al Malki Disgusts Sudanese People with Racist Character.. See How They Reacted

Published October 29th, 2019 - 08:07 GMT
In reaction to the sharp criticism MBC deleted the promotional video Source fayezalmal Instagram
In reaction to the sharp criticism, MBC deleted the promotional video (Source: @fayezalmal Instagram)

Saudi actor Fayez Al Malki raised controversy on social media, after circulating a promotional clip for a new series on MBC channel.

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Malki appeared with a black face, a costume 'galabia' gown and a turban in an attempt to resemble a Sudanese person. Angry activists launched a wave of criticism against him.

One Twitter user wrote: "Oh God, the second apology wouldn't work.. After two days he will apologize in a video and that's it.. No I swear to God such insults can not go unnoticed.. We must immediately sue him and the program.. The era of mocking over.”

"This is very disgusting, it's not acting, not even close, this imitation is belittling and cheap," another tweep said.

However others tried to justify his behavior, describing it as a character role portraying a Sudanese man and that it is representative of Sudanese people. One social media user wrote sarcastically: "why not let a white person with blue eyes portray the character of a Sudanese man."

In reaction to the sharp criticism, MBC deleted the promotional video for the series "Sare'a Sare'e" from Twitter and YouTube.

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