Saudi Actor Muhannad Al-Hamdi Under Fire!.. Kissing Blondie Then Hugging Bombshell in Pool! Watch

Published October 14th, 2019 - 07:34 GMT
Al Hamdi caught peoples attention because of his handsomeness Source mouhnned Instagram
Al-Hamdi caught people's attention because of his handsomeness (Source: @mouhnned Instagram)

Juman is a series that tells a love story between a girl named Juman, played by actress Ghandour, and her cousin Hisham, performed by Saudi actor Muhannad Al-Hamdi. The show started trending on social media after each episode aired, as it discusses many social topics including jealousy in marital relationships.

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A very handsome Al-Hamdi caught people's attention. 

Fans circulated a video showing him on a red carpet special event where he was seen kissing a girl.

Later on, a picture of him in the swimming pool with a girl wearing a white bikini went around, prompting his fans to make sarcastic comments in reference to his character in the show, such as, "you only wear this bikini when I'm with you, do you understand?"

But some doubted the validity of the picture, saying it's likely to have been photoshopped, and it's possible that the guy in the picture was not actually Muhannad.


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