Saudi Arabia's first ever horror film will make the hairs on your body stand!

Published February 3rd, 2016 - 10:26 GMT
'Ghabash' is Saudi Arabia's first ever horror film. (YouTube)
'Ghabash' is Saudi Arabia's first ever horror film. (YouTube)

It's usually Saudi Arabia's freaky fatwas that give us goosebumps, but the conservative Kingdom has something new of its kind to make the hairs on your body stand!

Say hello to Saudi's first ever horror film “Ghabash,” which follows the story of two young men travelling to Al-Kharj, a Saudi city 100 kilometers south of Riyadh, when a ghost interrupts their journey and a series of terrifying events take place.

The six-minute film has been released on YouTube and will continue to be released in installments, in a web film series style.

Boasting an all-Saudi cast and production team, the scary movie was shot entirely in the Kingdom and stars Koraytam, Mohamed El-Shadkhy and child actress Lamar El-Dousry. 

“Ghabash” was written by Badr El-Kothairy and Asem Al-Roumi, who also directed the production.

Al Roumi's Asem Films specializes in shooting films and commercials in the Saudi capital Riyadh, in addition to covering special events and exhibitions using videography and photography.

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