Saudi Lesbian! Shocking Video of Rahaf Al-Qunun Kissing a Girl in a Car

Published September 30th, 2021 - 06:11 GMT
 Saudi Lesbian! Shocking Video of Rahaf Al-Qunun Kissing a Girl in a Car فيديو رهف القنون تقبل فتاة في السيارة سحاقية رذيلة صادم

Saudi fugitive Rahaf Mohammed Al-Qunun has ignited social media once again with a bold and scandalous video she posted on Instagram while kissing another girl in the back seat of a car.

Rahaf captioned the video 'my dawg' adding a love heart emoji.

The video has sparked Saudi social media users' utmost anger, who denounced her acts and immoral practices, according to the comments they left her.

Tweeps left comments like:

'Feminists in general. When they hear of freedom, they release their repressed sexual desire.'

'What is the fault of her family when they see this. Their heart will burn, and then her daughter will see this in the future. She is mentally ill. May God take her and comfort her family and her daughter from her.'

'I want to see those who sympathized with her now, we all know violence and we can all distinguish if the person is abused whether you said it or not. And it is from the day I saw her, and I knew that she fabricated this scenario to go out and enter the dirty mud where she is in now. She destroyed herself.'

'Oh God, what is the position of her family now, I swear I feel like I carry their worries! What a heartbreak.'

'When she ran away and filmed the first clip of substance abuse, I knew I would see trending hashtags for her every while. And you will still see more trends for her. She will shorten the stages of escape and freedom for you. Unfortunately, she is in the stage of killing dignity. Take the lesson. Something that does not rejoice, and we do not wish the sons and daughters of the homeland to be insulted by exile.'


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