SEPARATED?! Can Yaman DOES NOT Attend Bae Diletta Leotta's 30th Birthday

Published August 17th, 2021 - 05:41 GMT
Diletta Leotta 30th Birthday Compleanno Doğum günü Can Yaman mevcut olmayan assente separazione

The presenter born in Catania on August 16, 1991, Diletta Leotta, has celebrated her 30th birthday while rumors about the end of her relationship with Turkish actor Can Yaman go viral.

A relationship that some have always called "fake", Diletta, who is used to the controversy about her, has been enjoying holidays with her family in her Sicily instead of  responding to those rumors.

Crisis Between the Presenter and the Actor

The birthday party has now aroused the attention and concern of Can and Diletta fans. Not even on such a special occasion as the 30th birthday of Leotta was Yaman present.

Will it be a crisis? No official break-up announcements, no messages from those directly involved, but the couple on social media has broken out for weeks. No photos together. The presenter of Dazn has kicked off the birthday celebration in Catania, but Can was absent with no trace of the Turkish actor.

Diletta Leotta 30th Birthday Compleanno Doğum günü Can Yaman mevcut olmayan assente

Diletta Leotta, the Home Party

The birthday party, organized with great fanfare by Diletta, took place in the garden of her parents' villa. A fabulous white party by the pool. A bustier dress with a very deep slit that left little to imagination and that indeed highlighted the impeccable physical shape. The 30-year old did not miss anything: music, food of all kinds, sparkling clothes. Even dancers and acrobats performed.

Also present were some VIPs such as Elodie, who performed at the party, Rossella Fiamingo, a veteran of the Olympic bronze, and Daniele Battaglia, who gave a speech for her colleague.

Diletta Leotta 30th Birthday Compleanno Doğum günü Can Yaman mevcut olmayan assente

Difficult not to notice the absence of the DayDreamer actor, which has aroused many rumors, especially among those who have never believed in the truthfulness of this love. What will the truth be? for now what is certain is that it is true that his absence is noticed more than his presence.

Diletta Leotta 30th Birthday Compleanno Doğum günü Can Yaman mevcut olmayan assente

The Controversy of Chandelier Women

The controversy over some photos of the party in which young women "transformed" into chandeliers is unleashed on social media. The girls in fact have a lampshade on their heads. "Chandelier women on a woman's birthday in 2021 are degrading to me," someone tweets.

"Girls used in ornament style are something reprehensible," writes someone else. "For her birthday, she hires women to dress up as a chandelier" is another of the disapproving comments. "Hi, what work do you do? The woman-chandelier at the birthdays of celebrities who make uplifting speeches in Sanremo" says yet another.

Diletta Leotta Can Yaman assente separazione Birthday

Someone also points out: "Maybe it's not her choice, maybe it's the agency that deals with these events that gives birth to such rogues. In any case, if you are a public figure, you cannot accept that "women-chandeliers" are used at your party". Finally, there are those who think there are more important emergencies at this time: "#DilettaLeotta for better or for worse in trend with what is happening to thousands of women in the Middle East" is one of the comments. 

Chandelier Women Lampadario Donne Diletta Leotta 30th Birthday

Diletta Leotta Previous Relationships

Diletta has got it all! She's the face of Dazn, voice of Radio 105, former "meteorina", former host of Sky Sport, almost eight million followers on Instagram, Leotta has always been under the spotlight. Gossips and controversy have always chased her, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

Diletta had an important relationship that lasted for four years with Matteo Mammì, director of Sky at the time and nephew of former minister Oscar Mammì (hence the accusations of having made a career thanks to her famous boyfriend).

Diletta Leotta ex boyfriend Matteo Mammì

Then came the story of boxer Daniele Scardina, which ended within a year, followed by the gossip about an alleged relationship with married Ibrahimovic (rumor flatly denied by Leotta herself).

Diletta Leotta ex boyfriend Daniele Scardina

Last February, the presenter had formalized her engagement to Turkish actor Can Yaman, 31. A much talked about story, needless to say why, and perhaps already over.

After the ring appeared on the finger of the presenter, the days spent together in Capri last May and the rumors of an alleged marriage - last June she flown to Istanbul to meet, it seems, his parents - the two have been taking separate holidays.

Leotta had fun in the company of her friends between Sardinia and Montecarlo before reaching her family in Catania. Meanwhile, after Can Yaman had a holiday in Sardinia at a different period when Diletta left the island, he returned to Turkey.

Many Italian and Turkish media outlets have always maintained that Can and Diletta's relationship was a "false story", staged only to increase the fame of the two.

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