Sharihan Chose Not to Vote for President

Published June 19th, 2012 - 11:00 GMT
By not voting, Sherihan stood with those who died during the Egyptian Revolutions
By not voting, Sherihan stood with those who died during the Egyptian Revolutions

Egyptian actress Sharihan revealed that she did not cast her vote in the second round of the Egyptian Presidential Elections. The sultry actress stated that she wanted to have a clear conscience and by abstaining from voting, she felt she was honoring the martyrs who lost their lives during or because of the January 25 Revolution.

In an interview with Al Arabia on the first day of elections for the second round, Sharihan said, “Our revolution is still ongoing and I will respect the outcome of the elections with regards to who is elected the new president of Egypt, but I refuse to give my vote to any of the candidates to keep my conscience clear.”

Sharihan added that she couldn’t support presidential candidate Mohammed Morsi, not because he is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, but rather due to the fact that she does not feel he is the right man to be president.

With regards to Morsi’s opponent Ahmed Shafiq, who was the Prime Minister during the former ousted Egyptian President Husni Mubarak, Sharihan said that there are many blemishes in his record from the time he was elected Prime Minister during the revolution.

Sharihan’s choice for the most suitable candidate was Hamdain Sabahi, who was eliminated after the first round of elections. The actress said that she was very impressed with Sabahi’s presidential campaign and felt he would make a truly difference if elected president.


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