Shatha and Haifa, a tweet too far? Well, if the shoe fits!

Published August 28th, 2012 - 01:03 GMT
Iraqi singer Shatha Hassoun's shoe pictures, a step too far?
Iraqi singer Shatha Hassoun's shoe pictures, a step too far?

Not content with letting us in on their new albums, celebrity feuds, and glamorous lifestyles - it seems the latest craze amongst Arab celebs is to tweet about their footwear!

Iraqi singer Shatha Hassoun started the trend by posting a photo of a new pair of shoes on her Twitter and Facebook pages, asking fans what they thought.Those worried about the damage the shoes might do the the popstar's feet didn't have to wait long for a photo of her bare foot post-shoe to surface.

Never one to miss the latest celebrity trend, just days later Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe followed in Hassoun's footsteps surprising fans with a photo of her own shoes.

According to, whilst some fans were happy to share fashion tips with the stars, others weren't impressed with this over-share. 

Unsurprisingly Hassoun and Wehbe haven't let the negative feedback get in their way - with all of the controversy they attract, both are tough as old boots!

Do you think celebrities in the Arab world take tweeting too far?

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