Sherine regrets singing for Mubarak, will dance for Morsi.

Published July 9th, 2012 - 12:24 GMT
Sherine regrets Mubarak and wants to make it up to Morsi with a dance.
Sherine regrets Mubarak and wants to make it up to Morsi with a dance.

Egyptian singer Sherine Abdel Wahab revealed that she regrets singing for the former ousted Egyptian President Husni Mubarak and stressed she was forced to do so by an order made by the former Egyptian Minister of Information.

Sherine said during a press conference held at the Regency Hotel in Amman, Jordan prior to her participation at the music festival in Jarash that, “After I discovered the number of human losses and corruption that occurred during the Mubarak era, I felt deep regret, and now I do not mind singing for the current President Mohamed Morsi if he will do good for the country. I am even willing to dance for him.”

Sherine expressed her worry over the unstable conditions clouding the Arab world and said there are hidden forces that are manipulating events and leading the region into chaos.

On a different note, during the conference, Sherine took a shot at Salem Al Hindi, the General Manager of the production company ‘Rotana’, producer Nasr Mahrous and artist Eman Al Bahr Darwish, who is head of the Egyptian Musician Union. Sherine stated that all three men made comments or accusations against her in an attempt to ruin her image and show that she is an incompetent singer.

Sherine stressed that her participation at the Jarash festival is a very important step in her career and the festival will add greatly to her music portfolio.  She added that it gives her great honor to sing on the same stage where many legendary singers from around the Arab world performed.

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