The Side of Mia Khalifa You Never Paid Attention To! (Pictures)

Published October 7th, 2019 - 07:37 GMT
Mia Khalifa the 26 year old Lebanese American woman who rocked both Arab and Western worlds Source miakhalifa Instagram
Mia Khalifa, the 26-year-old Lebanese-American woman who rocked both Arab and Western worlds (Source: @miakhalifa Instagram)

Mia Khalifa, that 26-year-old Lebanese-American woman who rocked both Arab and Western worlds with her daring occupation: porn actress!

Khalifa entered the porno industry in October 2014 while she was working at fast-food restaurant What-A-Burger, when a customer asked her what she thought about acting in pornographic movies.

She ended up becoming the most highly searched porn actress on PornHub with more than 1.5 million views. By December of the same year, the site announced that she was ranked first on the site.

She is now retired from porn and works as sports commentator with 17.7 million Instagram followers. She also got engaged to Robert Sandberg.

Now when you search Mia's Instagram account, you'll find a side you hadn't been paying attention to (not because all you focus on is.. you know!).

It's her modest-non-pornographic-regular-Instagramic side, sharing her day-to-day normal fiancee life, with less 'obscene' outfits, oblivious to the controversy that surrounded her previous job.

Here is the proof:


We both sleep 14 hours a day and eat off of @robertsandberg’s plate when he’s not looking.

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Let’s do that hockey. #tistheseason

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Forever 🥰 @robertsandberg 🔐

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I haven’t always been the most forthcoming in interviews when it comes to my past, but I think that not talking about it has been more detrimental to me than being open about what was going through my mind when I made what I usually call “the biggest mistake of my life.” In reality, the biggest mistake I made was running from this part of my life instead of shedding light on it. Hiding, when I should’ve been using my experience to educate other young women about the lasting choices they make as 21 year olds. If you feel like you know me, I implore you to watch this interview, because odds are you don’t. And if you don’t know me, Nice to meet you. I did porn 5 years ago and it does not, nor will it ever define me. Thank you to my dear friend @megmabbott for holding my hand through my past, present, and future in this interview, and to @errichp for directing and editing the final cut and for being so sweet the day of. It’s not easy to talk about the uncomfortable stuff. But this is where we grow, in those uncomfortable moments. And I’m ready to grow and let go of the past ♥️ tap the link in my bio for the video.

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Vi är förlovade!!!! 💍🤵🏼👰🏽♥️ #StockholmSyndrome #Trapped

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