So Eventful! Al Hayba Al Rad First Episode Highlights (Video)

Published November 4th, 2020 - 09:57 GMT
So Eventful! Al Hayba Al Rad First Episode Highlights (Video)

The fourth season of the series Al Hayba "prestige", which holds the name Al Hayba Al Rad "Prestige - The Response", made a debut earlier this month on Shahid online streaming and MTV Lebanon after a long wait by viewers.

The first episode of the forth season has started from where the third season ended, with sounds of gunshots heard aimed at Jabal and his wife Noor, while Umm Jabal asks the driver Abu Ali about the reason behind this massive firing, and the latter answers "it as a problem between yobs."

Then the scene moves to "Jabal", who was at the accident location recalling what happened, by the voice of his wife, "Nour Rahma," whose character was played by artist Cyrine Abdel Nour.

Later, characters of the series hear the news of death of Jabal’s wife and son, then the scene of burial is displayed, and Abu Ali says: “When the precious goes away, there is nothing left to get upset for, even the prestige.”

Following that, Jabal appears in the hospital during his treatment journey, after which he recovered and appeared in the security center.

The narrator then says that "Jabal" had no choice but to settle, and to pledge to stop the smuggling work and go to prison for two years in return for dropping all charges and arrest warrants, and for his brother "Sakher" to remain alongside his mother outside of prison.

Abu Ali continues narrating what happened to each of Al Hayba stars; "Al-Shayeb" kills Jabal's uncle on Syrian territory, to become wanted; Ali admits that he killed "Ghazi" and is sentenced to life imprisonment.

As for himself, Abu Ali says that they release him from jail after he had his share of imprisonment.

And Jabal's harvest cost him a lot, his prestige diminished, and he left his family and his wife's family, and from that time no one knows where he is, and usually he appears next to the car where his wife and son died.

The episode ends with Jabal founding a new group to handle his business, then Lebanese artist Adel Karam makes a debut for the first time in Al Hayba under the name "Nimr Al-Saed", as celebrations take place there, and Jabals's scene reading Al-Fatiha on the soul of "Abu Issa".

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