Songül Öden: I Had to Agree to the Intimacy Scenes With KıVanç TatlıTuğ on Gümüş!

Published February 27th, 2020 - 08:55 GMT
"I was not satisfied with the intimate scenes"
"I was not satisfied with the intimate scenes"

Massive engagement came in response to statements made by Turkish actress Songül Öden, best known in the Arab world for her role as Nour in the series Gümüş or "Muhannad and Nour" co-staring KıVanç TatlıTuğ as Muhannad. 

Öden said in press statements that she had not agreed to the kissing scenes in the series that aired almost 15 years ago before Arab audiences, but was forced to accept them after the director and the crew convinced her..

The actress explained: "I was not satisfied with them, of course, but I did it because I am an actress and I understand that this is what the profession requires."

She stressed that when she embodies characters who are different from her real personality, this does not mean that she's happy with all the acts she has to perform, pointing out that when she kisses, she does it as an actress, and not as Songül.

Songül Öden also revealed her special relationship with her colleague KıVanç TatlıTuğ, and said that he was her friend, so it was difficult to act out intimate scenes with him, adding: "But he is a professional like me and this is what allowed us to accept the scenes over time."

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