Suad Abdullah undergoes a character change

Published October 26th, 2011 - 05:59 GMT
Suad Abdullah
Suad Abdullah

Prominent Kuwaiti actress Suad Abdullah has decided to steer away from the usual kind and loving character she portrays in television dramas and take on a more complicated role through her new drama “Ghareeb Al Dar” (The stranger). In the drama, Suad plays the role of a woman who suffers from different psychological problems due to a harsh past. Her state of mind, leads her to treat those around her in a cruel and untrusting manner.


Suad decided to make this character change due to the fact that she does not want to appear dull to her fans always playing the same style of role of the good woman.


The new drama will show Suad as a woman who tries to control the lives of those around her and never trusts any of the men that come into her life and so decides to take vengeance against all men. The past of the character Suad plays in the drama had experienced a past full of harsh memories about her mother she cannot erase. Suad stated that she does not fear the possible criticism from fans for playing the evil woman and believes that such a role will enhance her capabilities and add to her prestigious history.


According to the London based Elaph, the drama is directed by Ghafel Fadil and a large number of prominent and young actors like Suleiman Al Yasin, Ibrahim Al Harbi, Abeer Al Jundi, Shihab Juhar, Yusif Al Hashash and more.


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