This Syrian Singer Said She Loved Her Husband (and Nobody Freaked Out)

Published September 6th, 2017 - 12:46 GMT
Assala Nasri with her husband. (Instagram / assala_official)
Assala Nasri with her husband. (Instagram / assala_official)

Syrian singer Assala Nasri was on a TV interview earlier today when she said, without shame, that she loved her husband.

And nobody freaked-out.

This bears repeating: in a year in which Syrian forces beat ISIS and the Arab world is busy condemning North Korea while supporting it, Arabs have freaked over a man showing affection for his wife, a woman wearing a swimsuit and showing her shoulder, and another woman wearing a swimsuit and then not apologising for it.

Watch the moment (in Arabic) below:

The other shoe never drops because there is no other shoe. Despite the fact that Nasri says her love for her husband (director Tarek Al Eryan) is “insane,” despite the fact that her husband had been married twice previously, despite the fact she says that any woman who dare approach her husband is going to be met with “violence,” nobody freaks out.

Maybe we're freaking out about the lack of freaking-out—just a little—and maybe the violence threat is disconcerting, but it's part of a bigger issue because nobody freaks out.

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