Tamer Hosny shows cyberbullies why he's famous and why they're not!

Published November 23rd, 2016 - 10:37 GMT
Cyber haters should have known better than to bully Tamer! (Facebook)
Cyber haters should have known better than to bully Tamer! (Facebook)

A photo of a very young Tamer Hosny surfaced on the Internet and it was just another chance for Facebook users to compete for the supposedly funniest caption. The Egyptian singer is no stranger to cyberbullying, people have been commenting about his early days for years, yet this time he had a lot to say and it was brilliant.

Hosny posted a collage of different phases of his career and added a caption that everyone, including some of Egypt’s biggest celebrities, could relate to. The star addressed his disappointment with the way he was bullied and how people used an old photo of him to mock him, adding that he was trying to look and dress like his favorite celebrities.

The Egyptian singer said that he was “a young boy who didn’t have the financial support a father usually offers,” and how he always promised himself to re-enact the same photo when he becomes a huge star. The star kept going that this photo should be an inspiration for uprising artists as it proves that impossible is nothing. Hosny ended his statement with a message to the young boy in the photo, praising him for being able to turn his dream into a reality with hard work and determination.

By Dina Hashish

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