Teigen, Legend welcome new baby

Published January 15th, 2023 - 07:35 GMT
Teigen and Legend welcome new baby
John and Chrissy lost their third child Jack

Ex-model Chrissy Teigen and singer John Legend welcomed a new baby.

Legend, 44, revealed that Teigen, 37, who already has a son Miles, 4, and a daughter, Luna, 6, from their marriage, gave birth on Friday, Jan. 13, 2023. 

According to People magazine, when speaking at a private concert later in the day, Legend told attendees that the couple welcomed a "little baby this morning."

"What a blessed day!" he said, adding that while he "didn't get a lot of sleep," he felt "energized."

In 2020, Legend and Teigen lost a third child, Jack, when she was 20 weeks pregnant, due to partial placenta abruption.

Speaking previously about getting pregnant again after their loss, Teigen said: "Since we did IVF, we knew probably nine days after we did the transfer that it had worked and we were pregnant."

"I told [the children] very, very early," Teigen added.

"They knew that I was going in for the transfer, that we were going to go in and put this egg inside Mommy's belly. So they knew from the very, very beginning, and they knew there was a chance it might not work because that's happened before.

"They've been excited for a long time. I feel like this is going to be the longest pregnancy to them because they've known since the day. But they've been really very excited."

Legend said: "We're all excited and, you know, my kids are old enough to really be aware of what's happening, so they're really anticipating having a new sibling in their lives."

"And I think they'll be good at being a big sister and big brother," he added.

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