Tunisian actress says 'it's OK to have picture taken with Israeli soldier'

Published August 29th, 2016 - 04:02 GMT
Saber Rebai with the 'Israeli soldier." (File photo)
Saber Rebai with the 'Israeli soldier." (File photo)

Arab social media users exploded with rage last week when Tunisian superstar Saber Rebai was pictured with whom they thought was an Israeli soldier. 

Eventually, Saber released a statement explaining that the man in question is a Palestinian officer named Hadi al Khatib, whom he was in contact with to coordinate Saber and his team's entry into Palestine, where he held a live concert at Rawabi City in the West Bank.

Despite setting the record straight, some still believe that Hadi is Israeli, pointing out that his uniform matches those of Israeli officers' uniforms. 

Meanwhile, another Tunisian artist made headlines after being asked about her take on Saber's photo.

Actress Asawer Ben Mohamed. (YouTube)

Actress Asawer Ben Mohamed caused controversy after saying in a recent interview that she would, without hesitation, have her picture taken with an Israeli soldier.

The starlet explained that artists shouldn't have to take sides when it comes to politics, adding that "it's normal to have one's picture taken with an Israeli fan, like you would with a Palestinian fan. It's also OK to sing in Israel, like you would in Tunisia or Iraq or anywhere else in the world."

Oh, Asawer, the BDS Movement won't be happy to hear that!

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