Turks go Lebanese! Turkish singer steals Nicole Saba's single?

Published March 20th, 2017 - 09:22 GMT
Imitation isn't always the best form of flattery. (Fil Fan)
Imitation isn't always the best form of flattery. (Fil Fan)

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Lebanese singer Nicole Saba has many fans across the Arab world.

This was evident when it was revealed that a famous Turkish singer had plagiarized Saba’s song, reported news portal Bitajarod.

Turkish model, singer and actress Aye Hatun Onal released a music video titled “Olay” about a month ago, and the tune of that song appears to be taken from Saba’s “Hafdal Ahlam” (Keep on Dreaming), which was released four years ago. It was a hit across all Arab countries and scored millions of views online.

It was composed by Ahmad Salah Hosni, written by Amer Ta’amiya and distributed by Hassan Al-Shafi.

Saba on Sunday tweeted the Turkish song alleging Onal of stealing her music.

This is not the first time Saba’s music or her style has been copied.

Last year, when another Lebanese singer Maya Diab released her music video “7 Lives” on YouTube, Saba in a tweet accused Diab of copying the idea of her 2011 music video “Kon F Haly.”

She had tweeted: “Some people start off where you’ve finished #Copycat.”

Saba’s debut album was released in 2004, and her first film came out in 2003. She has subsequently acted in many Egyptian-made films.

She was given the award for the best singer in 2004 by Sayidaty magazine.

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