In Video: Zain Karazon Weeping Following Aggressive Attack on Her Because of Palestine

Published May 17th, 2021 - 02:05 GMT
Zain Karazon crying Palestine criticize Sheikh Jarrah gaza under attack

Jordanian influencer / fashionista Zain Karazon has been subjected to a sharp attack after she broke her silence on the crisis taking place in Palestine.

Since Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood eviction crisis started, Zain supported the cause and posted a photo album on Instagram on May 8.


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On Eid El-Fitr, Zain posted another picture greeting Muslim nation with a picture of Al-Aqsa Mosque with the hashtag "Al-Quds is our Eid".


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Social media users expected more from Zain to support the Palestinian cause, and started criticizing her.

Instead of defending herself, Zain Karazon misrepresented herself and said things she shouldn't have said amid the deadly attacks that Palestinians are suffering from.

The Jordanian fashionista said things like branding other influencers as "cynics" and that they are looking to expand their fanbase at the expense of the Palestinian cause.

She also said:

"Palestine is bored of how much we've talking about it"

"We don't have to create a mess on social media, the Palestinian cause is ancient, we didn't sleep and wake up one day to see it happening."

 "Why do I have to share millions of stories and posts and come out and cry like many people? this is called acting. And why do you swear on us? We didn't harm you and didn't shoot your homes with missiles and destroyed them."

But Zain also said:

"Palestine does not want influencers to influence you to love it. An influencer is a person impacts people with a story that happened with him. The influencer has become the Palestinian who suffers every day."

Karazon's attempt to defend herself has resulted in a reverse conclusion, prompting people to criticize her even more, to the point where they launched social media campaigns to unfollow her, which resulted in losing quarter a million followers on Instagram within 2 days.

In addition to the severe attack on Zain, one hater fabricated a WhatsApp conversation of her by using an old video to make her look even worse.

Today, The Jordanian influencer has turned off comments on Instagram, and posted another series of Stories to defend herself.

Zain couldn't hold back her tears as she wept while she spoke to the audience.

She said: "I endured a lot of insults, curses and injustice, but that's not a problem, it's all a sacrifice for Palestine's sand and people".


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