The Voice: How did the coaches fare with sound but no sight in the 'blind' auditions?

Published October 15th, 2012 - 12:53 GMT
Will peace become war? Now the blind auditions are over the celeb coaches get ready for battle
Will peace become war? Now the blind auditions are over the celeb coaches get ready for battle

As competition on The Voice heats up, we take a look at how the coaches fared in the blind auditions before the gloves come off in this weekend's sing-offs. 

It's so-far so-good for Iraqi singer Kathem Al Saher who has managed to keep his cool in round one of the show. Over the weeks the picky panelist has put more thought into his choices than his fellow stars, and last weekend was no different with Kathem keeping up the high standards for his final selections. Fans of the star think his slow-and-steady approach could win the competition and Kathem seems to agree having given himself a pat on the back for listening to contestants voices without falling for the first impression. 

Unlike Kathem, Assi Al Hilani has been eager to hit the buzzer in the opening round. And, after spinning his chair, the so-called knight of Arabic music has used his flirty personality to put contestants at ease and reel them into his team for round two. 

Sherine Abdul Wahab has proved less predictable, with many worrying that the opening round of the show has pushed her onto the edge of a breakdown. Never one to play her cards close to her chest, the starlet let her emotions out in the blind auditions dancing on her chair and even being reduced to tears. And, just a few weeks into the competition, Sherine has already thrown the rule book out of the window by refusing to stick to the '12 contestants per judge' rule. The feisty coach said that Noor - one of the final hopefuls - "drove her crazy" and demanded an extra space on her already full team. 

Saber Al Rubai has also dished up his share of drama with attempts to steal the limelight from the other coaches - last week's episode saw him kissing Kathem and wrestling Assi over a highly sought contestant. His unusual methods have secured him a talented team but it remains to be seen if they are a recipe for success in the battle round, 

Now that the blind auditions have come to an end, all eyes and ears are on the coaches and their teams as the quest continues for the Arab world's newest voice. 


Which coach do you think has the best team? Are you expecting even more drama when the battle round begins? Leave us your comments below!

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