Wafaa Amer won't gain weight for movie

Published May 13th, 2012 - 08:47 GMT
Wafaa Amer won't get fat for film
Wafaa Amer won't get fat for film

Egyptian actress Wafaa Amer has categorically refused to gain weight for her role as the famous Egyptian belly dancer Taheyya Kareokka. And she doesn't look ready to budge an inch on her decision to remain trim for her film.

Wafaa spoke of her refusal to fatten up for shooting the most challenging stage of Kareokka’s life in which the dancer started to pile on the pounds. While adamantly set against taking a personal stake or the brunt of the the dancer's heavier days, she was willing to admit that it was this very stage of Kareokka’s life in the film that contained the surprise of the entire narrative arc.

Delusions of Grandeur or Illusions of Grandness

According to “Ana Zahra” website, Wafaa will manage to appear in the same form, weight and figure as Kareokka in her last few years, by wearing a synthetic body suit. This film 'stunt' will be facilitated by the professional international make-up artist, Tariq Mustafa. Wafaa trusts him to do a fine job, rating him the most highly acclaimed wardrobe and make-up specialist in the field.  





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