Watch Mohamed Henedy's Unexpected Hilarious Reaction When He Discovered That Ramez Galal Was Behind the Prank

Published April 21st, 2021 - 08:15 GMT
Watch Mohamed Henedy's Unexpected Hilarious Reaction When He Discovered That Ramez Galal Was Behind the Prank

Egyptian comedian Mohamed Henedy was the 9th victim of Ramez Galal's 2021 Ramadan prank show, Ramez Aklo Tar (Ramez Went Mad).

As usual, Ramez presented a comedian introduction of his guest.

He said of Henedy: 'You are on a date with joy and the founder of the true comedy school ... he drew the comedy map in the 90s and opened the door to stardom for an entire generation and changed stardom measures,'

Then Galal made fun of Mohamed Henedy's petite size, and said: 'It is not necessary for the star to be long and wide. He might be as equal as the size of a hand.'

'He is the star of Upper Egypt, the gallant of the silver screen, he's petite in size but owns a great talent. Introducing Mohamed Henedy.'

Like he does with every star, Ramez Galal, who was disguised an Indian man, tortured Mohamed Henedy in today's episode.

At first, he secretly shot Mohamed in the paintball game, which they call PUBG in the show.

And when it was time for the big prank inside the hanging capsule, Galal annoyed Henedy to the maximum by spraying stinky smell in the cabinet and pretending to extinguish the fire but spraying him with the white powder.

And finally, Ramez and his team pushed Mohamed Henedy outside the cabinet towards the gigantic pool underneath.

Once Henedy got out of the pool, he was in a bit of shock and was asking "what just happened".

Once again Ramez tried to hug Henedy before revealing his real identity, and Mohamed pushed him away. Then Ramez removed his turban and mask to shock Mohamed Henedy.

The Egyptian comedian actually laughed when he figured out that it was all a set up.

He also expressed his pride of himself because of the jump he did, stressing that he would have never ever done it if he wasn't forced to.

When Ramez requested Mohamed to ask him few questions, Henedy hilariously said that he needed new clothes because he was all wet and doesn't have another outfit.

Mohamed's spontaneous jokes didn't stop here, has he prayed and asked God to guide Ramez Galal to the right path.

And when the host Ramez asked Henedy about his new color hair, Mohamed said: 'Very awful' and the two comedians burst into laughs before jumping into the water together.

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