We Hope You Enjoy That Cigarette, Ghada Adel

Published August 14th, 2017 - 01:47 GMT
Ghada Adel's heinous crime. (Instagram)
Ghada Adel's heinous crime. (Instagram)

Let’s play a game of, “What’s pissed the Arab world today?”

Below is a picture of Egyptian actress Ghada Adel. Next to Ghada Adel is her husband. Ghada Adel and her husband are in Milan, and Ghada Adel’s husband posted an Instagram picture of him and his wife together in Milan.

If you kind of squint, you’ll notice that Ghada Adel is holding a cigarette against the bloom. If you squint a little harder, you’ll notice that her husband has another cigarette, in his mouth. If you squint even harder than that, you’ll notice that people have lost their collective minds because Ghada Adel is smoking, but have failed to similarly criticize her husband. But if you squint really, really hard, you may, if you are lucky, begin noticing the vague outlines of the teeny-weeny brains these offended people supposedly use to talk about the things that supposedly matter.

Enjoy your smoke, Ghada Adel.

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