'We Only Recognized Her Voice!' Halima Bouland Looks Unrecognizable in Latest Appearance (Video)

Published September 16th, 2021 - 11:47 GMT
'We Only Recognized Her Voice!' Halima Bouland Looks Unrecognizable in Latest Appearance (Video)

Kuwaiti presenter Halima Bouland has showed different features, according to wide comments from followers on social media, stressing that they did not recognize her, but it was her well-known voice that revealed her identity.

Many followers believed that Bouland underwent a new plastic surgery, when she appeared in a video expressing her happiness to see her friends and colleagues after her absence from them.

Halima added that she only dyed her hair and that she clipped in hair extension.

Among the comments followers wrote: 'We only know them by their voice', 'I swear I only knew her by her voice', 'Her features started to disappear a little bit, and no one would know her except from her voice', 'That's not her, unbelievable', 'As if she's someone else', 'The doctor has a copy of one face that he prints on their faces, and they've become one copy, something terrifying'.

Others also saw that Halima Bouland had become to resemble many stars, such as: Moroccan actress Mariam Hussein, Lebanese artist May Hariri, Kuwaiti actress Amal Al-Awadi, and Egyptian actress Nour Al-Ghandour.

Most of the comments unanimously agreed on the comment "They became a copy and paste", indicating that the stars have become similar to each other because of plastic surgeries.

Halima Bouland's features have witnessed a gradual difference since the beginning of her fame in the media until this day, due to plastic surgeries and the use of filler and Botox techniques, as shown by her photos.

Earlier, a plastic surgery had threatened Halima's life as a result of being exposed to a drug overdose.

Halima said that she almost died after a mistake in a private clinic after receiving an accidental overdose of anesthesia; This made her suffer from suffocation and deteriorating health.

Thank God, I am still alive, today I saw death with my eyes, I swear to God, because it seems that the dose of anesthesia was excessive on me, and I felt that my soul was rising, and by the Lord of the Kaaba, I recited the tashahhud, and recited the Qur’an, and they gave me oxygen, and thank God I got out safely, and I prayed 100 rak’ahs of thanks now.

It was also said that Bouland underwent more than one plastic surgery, whether in her nose, or the Texas jaw surgery technique, and others, which changed her features.

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