What Does Britney's Spears Favorite Tattoo Mean?

Published June 12th, 2021 - 04:56 GMT
Britney Spears
Britney Spears (Instagram)
'Hot pink makes my tan pop!!!!' she began in the caption before turning the focus to the tattoo.

She's been in the spotlight ever since she was a teenager.

And in the years since her early days as the Princess Of Pop, she has accumulated no less than nine small tattoos on her body, including one on the back of her neck that's nearly always covered up by her long blonde locks.

On Friday, the Toxic star, 39, took to Instagram to reveal the meaning of that particular inking, which she called her 'favorite tattoo.' 

The Mississippi native gave her 30.1 million Instagram followers a glimpse at the tattoo, which features a Hebrew Kabbalah, while posing in a hot pink bodysuit.

'Hot pink makes my tan pop!!!!' she began in the caption before turning the focus to the tattoo.

'Have you seen the tattoo on the back of my neck before ???? It's Hebrew, it's a language written backwards !!!! It says Mem Hey Shin and means healing !!!! It's my favorite tattoo but ironically you never see it !!!!!'

The singer got the piece etched on her neck while touring overseas in 2004 after receiving advice from Madonna, who suggested that it would be a healing force for her in her life moving forward.  

Around the time she decided to get the piece, Spears was trying to cope with the pressures of life as a superstar.

The Hebrew letters reportedly make up one of the Kabbalah sect's 72 names for their God, and are supposed to promote 'healing.' 

About an hour after sharing the details of her neck tattoo, Spears took back to Instagram and shared the latest in her series of dancing videos.      

In the clip, the Piece Of Me singer busted some moves in a skin-tight leopard print bodysuit.

'This is a different cat outfit !!!!' she wrote in the caption.

'I bought three online and I like trying out these babies.... this one is a bit softer feel than the first cat I showed !!!! Anyway … I've never gone backwards in a video before ... looks sort of different to me !!!!'

The clip begins in black-and-white with Spears dancing forward and back. About midway through, as she continues to dance using her arms as props to project cat-like moves, the video turns to full color. 

In the video, Spears had part of her blonde tresses pulled back off her face, but allowed the remnants of pink strands to flow down her shoulders past the middle of her back.          

The mother-of-two has been sharing dance clips on social media throughout the coronavirus crisis, with many questioning her motivation and mental stability.

Back in February, while reacting to the criticism of the clips, Spears confessed that they 'were only meant to be fun.'      

Although her Instagram page has remained jovial, Spears is due in court this month in the conservatorship battle against her father Jamie Spears, who currently has total control over her.

Though the conservatorship has sparked much discussion, Spears will not be asking to end the arrangement, according to insiders.

The Gimme More singer will address Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny on June 23, but insiders have stressed the star does not feel trapped in the agreement.

However, she wants to explain why she wants her father, Jamie Spears, removed from being in charge of her business affairs.

'She has 99% of the freedom she'd have if she weren't in a conservatorship, and the only thing she's prevented from doing are crazy things, like buying three cars at a time [something she tried to do back in the day],' a source told TMZ.

The insider pointed out that not only is Britney free to travel and lives her day-to-day life without any real restrictions but she is also aware of how out of control things were before the arrangement was put in place in 2008 and is grateful for the structure the conservatorship gives her.

The source said: 'She's taken care of and she knows it.'

Britney is happy with Jodi Montgomery being in charge of her personal affairs but doesn't want her dad in charge of her business arrangements as the pair no longer speak.

The Lucky hitmaker has been angry with Jamie 'for a long time' over business issues and his embracing of people on her team who she felt were motivated by their own interests, not what was best for her.

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