What happens on-air... Mahmoud Saad quits on Live TV!

Published June 30th, 2013 - 07:00 GMT
Careful what you wish for: Mahmoud Saad quits on-air (Image: Facebook)
Careful what you wish for: Mahmoud Saad quits on-air (Image: Facebook)

The TV show “Akher Al Nahar” (The End of the Day) delivered more than viewers expected, at the end of that day!

Well-known Egyptian journalist Mahmoud Saad, was involved in a heated telephone conversation with Egyptian businessman and Al Nahar TV owner, Alaa Al Kahki, while on the show, presented by Khaled Salah.

Halfway through the conversation, Saad blew up in Al Kahki's face, telling him that he didn't want to work for him anymore, and what's more he didn't want to appear on any of Al Nahar's shows. He then, of course, hung up the phone in Alaa's face. Meeeoww!

According to the Middle East news portal Elaph, the dispute between the two began when Alaa sent an email out to Al Nahar's news editors and presenters, stating that from now on all political programs would be stopped to avoid creating controversy and chaos. Sounds like a hidden agenda to us!

The email came after Mahmoud had completed preparing a new segment for his show that would have featured a number of politicians and revolutionaries, except for any representatives from the Muslim Brotherhood. That doesn't sound too innocent either!

He said/ she said

Although the station's owner took back what he said in the email and agreed to not interfere with anyone's programs, that wan't enough action for Mahmoud to come back. Too little too late - since he was still fuming over the email.

But he wasn't the only one! Alaa was way too insulted by the phone incident as well. Email's a minefield! When was the last time you quit over an the deadly message service guys?

Khaled Salah and colleagues came to the rescue, by holding an intervention between the two. They succeeded, and Mahmoud withdrew his resignation and will go ahead with presenting his previously-scheduled program “Al Baramij” (The Programs).

Careful what comes out of your mouth next time, Mahmoud!

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