Maya Diab’s scanty clothes shame Al Nahar TV

Published June 12th, 2012 - 08:26 GMT
Maya Diab flashes some leg on TV
Maya Diab flashes some leg on TV

After a whole torrent of criticism directed at Egyptian TV station Al Nahar, the station had little choice but to blame the Lebanese singer and presenter of  “Deal or No deal”, Maya Diab, for bringing shame to their channel through her revealing clothes. Her kit apparently was the subject of a whole hullabaloo, not least for Maya's reputation but the TV show she presents. 

The criticism infuriated the successful Lebanese celeb-fixture Maya who threatened to leave the show, not stopping to cut a 'deal'.  She justified her choice of attire as a sassy way to boost the number of viewers and commercials.  Al Nahar's concern naturally was that such clothes were deemed inappropriate by Egyptian society, if the ensuing media racket was anything to go by. Many viewers called in to criticize the TV station because they were not used to seeing clothes of such a scandalous nature aired.

Maya was also criticized for her way of speaking with the show’s guests, accused of being too provocative for a conservative station like Al Nahar.

Scapegoated for Nile politics

Maya was so inflamed and affronted, not least as a Lebanese whose clothes are considered "normal at home."  She also griped that the station didn’t see any problem in her scanty dress in her previous show “Hek Benghanneni” (This is How We Sing) in which she used to wear a similar style of gear, on top of the guests revealing clothes. They hadn't seen fit to comment then, (though viewers were having domestics over the presenter's sex appeal, with jealous wives bashing husbands for watching the show!) so why now?

Maya considers this criticism an opening gambit for the Egyptian TV station to cancel the show in case the Muslim Brotherhood were to win in the presidential elections.  She also coyly added that the station is flirting with the Muslim Brotherhood party. 



What do you think of Maya Diab's ticking-off for her revealing clothes? Is she being scape-goated for Egyptian political reasons?

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