When Arrogance Hits Its Max.. Mohamed Ramadan Heavily Criticized for Showy & Provocative Tweet! See What He Wrote

Published November 4th, 2019 - 09:28 GMT
Mohamed Ramadan if they make me choose between now and then I will choose now Source mohamedramadanws Instagram
Mohamed Ramadan: if they make me choose between now and then, I will choose now (Source: @mohamedramadanws Instagram)

Egyptian actor Mohamed Ramadan posted a picture on his official Twitter and Instagram accounts of himself waiting for his Rolls Royce and comparing his new life with his old school days when he used to run and catch buses.

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Ramadan captioned the photo:

"In high school, I used to stand waiting for the bus so I can run and jump on it, but I was cheerful and happy with all my heart."

"But nowadays, I am waiting for the Rolls-Royce but I am worried and not laughing like old times. Frankly if they make me choose between now and then, I will choose now of course. Our Lord maintains these blessings for us. Confidence in God is success".

Ramadan was flooded with criticism and backlash from followers, as many said that it's better for him to remove it. One fan wrote:

"Pride should be demonstrated with ethics, respect and education, not with Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, fashion, money and gold. At the end, everything will go away, except for your actions and people's words about you, whether good or cursed."

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