Who Will Host Me Now? After Lebanon.. Angie Khoury Evicted AGAIN From Dubai to Syria for Prostitution!

Published November 21st, 2019 - 10:54 GMT
Angie Khoury
"Mistake is forbidden in UAE'' Singer Amar stated (Source: @angie.khouryy Instagram)

Angie Khoury is blacklisted in both Lebanon and UAE!

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UAE authorities in Dubai have deported Syrian singer Angie Khoury, whose real name is Najwa Khaliqullah, to her home country Syria after she was arrested in a midnight raid inside a hotel on charges of prostitution, sources said.

"Mistakes are forbidden in UAE,'' singer Amar stated in a voice recording published on social media in which she says she is ashamed of Khoury.

Amar added that social media had never before witnessed anyone as "disgusting" as Khoury who did unspeakable acts for the sake of fame. She believes no Arab country will allow Khoury to enter ever again because of her behavior. 

Emairati journalist Saleh al-Jasmi praised the decision of officials to deport Angie from UAE commenting: "For those who continue to make mistakes and disregard the laws of their host country, quiet deportation is the right decision.''

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