Why Did Billie Eilish Pause Singing in Atlanta?

Published February 12th, 2022 - 07:51 GMT
Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish. (Instagram)

Billie Eilish stopped her concert when she spotted a fan having trouble breathing.

The 'bad guy' hitmaker was performing at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, on Saturday (05.02.22) when she spotted an audience member struggling in front of the stage, so she cut off her song to find out what was going on before asking her crew for help.

She said: “You need an inhaler? Do we have an inhaler? Can we just grab one?"

When the crew confirmed they could help, she said: “It’s OK, we got one. Give her some time. Don’t crowd.”

Billie then further checked in on her fan and asked: “You need to come out or are you OK? Are you sure?”

She then mouthed, “I love you.”

After the show resumed, the 20-year-old singer took an apparent swipe at Travis Scott, who continued performing at his Astroworld festival in November when people were being crushed in a crowd surge.

She said: “I wait for people to be OK until I keep going."

Travis was dropped from headlining the upcoming Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival following the tragedy and it was recently revealed the 'ocean eyes' singer is one of the stars who will now be topping the bill, alongside Kanye West and Harry Styles.

In December, Billie revealed she was still experiencing problems after contracting COVID-19 earlier in the year.

She said: "I didn't die, and I wasn't gonna die, but that does not take away from how miserable it was.

"It was terrible. I still have side effects. I was sick for, like, two months almost."
She credited the vaccine with her being "fine" now, and admitted she felt "f****** horrible" when she was battling coronavirus.

She added: "I want it to be clear that it is because of the vaccine I’m fine. I think if I weren't vaccinated, I would have, like, died, because it was bad…

"When I say it was bad, I more just mean that it felt horrible. But really, in the scheme of COVID, it was not bad. You know what I mean? When you're sick, you feel f****** horrible."

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