Yasmin Abdel Aziz Travels to Switzerland.. Is She Suffering From a Critical Health Condition?

Published August 11th, 2021 - 10:18 GMT
What Is Yasmin Abdel Aziz's Illness disease Switzerland dangerous condition

Egyptian actress Yasmin Abdel Aziz, was spotteed at Cairo International Airport on Tuesday evening to unexpectedly travel to Geneva, Switzerland.

It was reported that Yasmin needed to complete her treatment in a Swiss hospital from the repercussions of the surgery she underwent recently, and also to check on her health in general.

A source close to Yasmin Abdel Aziz confirmed to Foochia.com that this step came days after she was discharged from the hospital in Egypt and rested at home.

The source added: "Yasmine has been communicating with a hospital in Switzerland in the past few days in order to travel to follow up on her condition under the supervision of a number of specialists there, and also to make a general health checkup in order not to have any complications in the future."

The source continued: "Yasmin left her home on Tuesday evening, accompanied by her husband, artist Ahmed El-Awady, through an equipped ambulance, as she cannot ride in an ordinary car, as she still suffers from some fatigue, and doctors advised her not to move much."

yasmin abdel aziz ahmed el-awady Switzerland

Egyptian media has reported that Yasmin is travelling to Switzerland to undergo Bowel Diversion Surgery in order to return the intestines to its normal course, adding that despite Abdel Aziz's stable condition, this operation is necessary.

Last month, Yasmin Abdel Aziz had undergone a surgery in order to remove a bloody accumulation on the ovary, but the operation did not go as expected, and she was exposed to complications that caused swelling in the colon, resulting in a hole that led to a leak. And Yasmin Abdel Aziz suffered from peritonitis.

Peritonitis has many mild and severe symptoms, including: nausea, high fever, and a feeling of pain, and causes many complications, which may reach the breakdown of body systems, and death.

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